About Liber8ed


Our daily wakening often happens well before opening our eyes at the first rays of sun. We may stir for minutes or hours before the sleeping trance has truly faded. The awakening of the spirit: that moment in limbo, eyes squinting, to witness the fog of unconsciousness began to lift. Now what?


Hello, I am liber8ed. Many years ago I experienced a transformation from a once sedentary emotional and spiritual experience. It was liberating. Liber8 was born out of the necessity to fill in for the inadequacy of the word to describe such an awe-inspiring sensation. 8 enters as a familiar numerical symbol, but also a vertical sign for infinity. The English/mathematical combination aligns closer to the meaning of this process: to experience freedom from the bonds of the limited mind, expanding into the infinite potential of the soul.

This blog serves as a tool for me to reflect on and interpret life experiences. It is comprised of random snapshots and observations that have deeply moved me.

*All Artwork included in blog is original work unless cited otherwise.


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