Flipped Classroom

The numbing roar: searching and seeking and occupying the mind trying to predicting outcomes. Daily cycles, consistently present. A paralyzing force that keeps us distracted from exploring deeper into that core of our awe and sense of adventure.

It turns somewhere. When fantasy begins to blur and disinigrate before our eyes. And we start losing it. It is fleeting and we sense it. It is solidified during the physical in-between of adolescense: childhood to adulthood. The body and physic mind muddled, how easy it must be to capture a human in this state and form him? Teach out of him his intuitive wonder. Psychologists and scientists will no doubt document the necessity of this phase in life. And well-intentioned adults act as the conduits, the spirit guides for the transition. But who gave us the authority? Our own prejudices infused into every lesson.

Helping the little being to understand he is a race, he has a socioeconomic standing in society; inherited (luckily or otherwise) by his family. How to distinguish, separate and identify himself in comparison to his playmates.

As commonplace as seeing a kindergarten classroom full of students in front of one teacher should be a group of grownups sitting before the little child. Her authentic instruction seemingly non-linear, but ringing with the truth of a far off memoir, a book we lost or packed away with our firetrucks and barbie dolls. Shhhh… hush your voice and your inner incessant dialogue when she speaks. There is something very important for you to hear.