Acceptance, Acceptance, Acceptance

What better variable in life to teach us the ultimate understanding of acceptance than the weather? The ominous thunderclouds looming over a Nebraska prairie. A mountainous snow melt in the spring, leaving thawing rocks and and loose land hovering heavily overhead. (Giving anyone living or traveling below them a strangely eerie/borderline claustrophobic feeling.)
Winter in Wisconsin. Initial weeks and the picturesque snowy landscape bring giddy children begging to go make the first snow man on the block. (Parents can even be witnessed participating with sincere excitement.) This year will be a white Christmas! And then, and then, and then. Months pass and bitterly cold days continue. Wait, did he just say possibility of snow on Thursday!? How can this be? we are late-April already! 
Weather is truly the most obvious signal of human’s ability to tolerate (or very much become intolerant of) that which it -still- has no control over. 
Though our societies are built upon human laws defying what even seem like the natural laws of gravity and other “constants.” Ultimately it is our sense of non-control that shows the starkest inability to accept what is uncontrollable to us as a society or as individuals. That which is beyond even our most thorough planning/predictions footnotes, appendices, etc.
~A subtle sensation on the nape of our neck. It tingles at first. The feeling transforms, getting bolder, and transpires onto a full-blown unbearable itch. Reaching to relieve the area, we realize it was a phantom sensation all along. At closer inspection, the irritation all began at the seed of understanding.
We have no control
Not over the weather, not over the upcoming vacation plans, not over the next moment our lungs will receive or exhale air. That tickle is- 
The tickle is a farce 
We have no control
We do not know what is next
We need not scratch at it
What a tremendous relief 


Super Powers / Super Egos

Philip Kirkland // “The id and the Superego”

Super Powers / Super Egos
Act 2
There is a wolf at the door.
My shaky hand, reaches, grasping for the lock, the gut wrenchingly close momentary lapse of motor skills, shake, turn, rattle. It is too late. The barrier is flung open. In horror, peering hopelessly in the darkness towards the trespasser… staring back… it is me.
Act 1
After the givers of the land populated the Earth and self-regulated borders not much unlike those of wolves and other territorial species. The “pack” needed to maintain a balance with the ecosystem in order to ensure survival. And then something interesting happened – the human began to think of extending survival peripherals of territories by way of preserving food energies. The transition to “takers” was almost seamless. Domesticating the Earth as well as many beings upon it for our exciting manifest “destiny.” And the game: it did work! As we grew and grew, and grew across the planet as a species, we showed much resilience that shared by very few other species before us in the face of natural disasters and those created by our own hands. 
And so these human Earthlings defined their current era as the 21st century. In it, the discoveries outwardly were immeasurable. Conquering most elements which should have decimated us long before. And the ever-pessimist self proclaimed “realist” lurks in the shadows for the day it catches up with us. And maybe they are right. Maybe the human race is set for a self destruction of its own doing, or of the living organism of Mother Earth’s doing. Probably. 
But what if it is not all lost? If indeed the system of this reproductive planet on which we inhabit; what if the fruits it barred were designed for a higher order? That each successive paradigm shift in evolution, jumped to a higher design on purpose, even if it meant the eventual self-destruction of the whole. After all, each system of life within this Universe is an energy cycle that will see a birth, an orgasmic climax, and an eventual complete destruction. What if we were members of a collective inter-species dance and our species simply forgot the Universal language, but yet was so close to rediscovery (cramming for the final) until our eventual vaporization?  
If for a moment we entertained the thought that planetary implosion was not in fact a “bad” label, might we understand that the stage on which we play our roles are really just for practice and ultimately for entertainment? And to humor the analogy further, might we be able to laugh, grin, and gasp a sense of relief until the curtains draw down. The actors who have perished in the final scenes all have sauntered out from back stage to deliver their bow of appreciation for this game of actor and audience and our respective roles. Whew, It was all just a play after all. 
Act 3
And now when we look out the door with expectancy of witnessing the wolf, our own reflection startles us. Those world “leaders” sent as a “majority agreement” to act upon a collective will of higher good are showing us the third act. Where the honeymoon is over and their true colors come forward as the story certainly must progress to keep us at the edge of our seats, right? But what if the audience was out of line? What if it is WE who are forgetting our role in this grand facade? Maybe we took it too serious. We started wearing convincing expressions of distress for how this play will shape in the end. Is it not US who are breaking the rules of agreement of participation? 
In order to truly interact with these phenomenal actors, we must play our respective roles. Though the “relief” we might be hoping for in the show may not come soon enough (or perhaps at all) it is our duty to maintain the “calm” of the collective. To reject the “reality” of what the actors hope to inflict upon us. For after all, the entire dance of this show relies on a steady balance between us all. And the ultimate understanding that this is all just a show.

Third Eye Massage

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Third Eye Massage 

There was a time when I looked out into the night sky with a sense of stark dualism playing for victory in my mind: wide-eyed, awestruck, and wondering on the one hand. A deep sadness on the other. Though I was free to explore, and if I really try hard enough, I can probably reach many parts of the planet in my human lifespan. Yet, never permeate the realm of outer space. I could never go there. And that super bummed me out…
And then something happened. In the miracle of my awakening came a PARADIGM SHIFT. Through meditation, through abandoning resistance and adopting the acceptance of reality, through yoga, detaching from form, and absorbing all of the lessons from “unlikely” teachers. Ones I encounter on the street, at the market, in my family, in business transactions, each and every day. As these experiences allowed me to travel inward to the most purest core of myself, I was shown the EXPANSE of everything within. In the end there was no such thing as “out there.” It was a big jumbley, wiggly, vibrating sense of oneness. 
I get it. 

How can one miss out on space travel, when the entire Universe resides in their very being?!