Spring Cleaning

For my week of wholeness, many lessons were derived from a healthy diet, healthy sleep and exercise cycles, and of course healthy social interactions. 
But of these, something so primary in the understandings I reached: 
All individuals are responsible for the cleaning of their internally “stuck” places lurking in the inner shadows. Those voices leading us continuously back to a low-level, HEAVY psyches, are unnecessary to the self, but especially harmful to the overall environment. When I have a fear -stuck- inside somewhere and it was recently shook with some “external” happening, I am now operating on two fronts towards the world and the many beings immediately within my presence. – and secondary ones – those who will interact with these beings later, and so on, to what rippled extent, I cannot know. 
In other words, if I carry a heavy load in my person, unintentionally I am affecting everything with which I come into contact. Of course the same is true if I am light and airy. The glow in my eyes, the smile on my face, the true lens I cast upon the “outer” world: those “outside” of me bare witnesses to freedom and they are invited to experience it for even a microsecond of a moment. Traveling with them, dispersing throughout their own internal psyche, finding meaning or even finding confusion, but regardless the ball has been passed. 

Therefore if not for myself (which is sometimes the hardest person to reconcile love and non-judgement and worthiness towards) I am really held to a global responsibility to clean my inner clutter on a regular basis.