The Roadless Travel

The road less travelled isn’t one paved with gold. Not even a hint or broken blade of grass from previous traversing hikers is shown on this forest hike. Glancing through the thorn-adorned bushes, the route is counterintuitive in every way. Removing all intellect of the process, it appears downright dangerous and reckless.
The prisoner’s dilemma:
If the human has arrived on this planet through pure happenstance, he can understand his role as a finite, and random encounter. In this case, self-preservation should take precedent over all others.
On the other hand, what if the entirety of the vast Universe was forged from the same atoms as the Homo Sapiens? What if the veil of “object” and that of the “space” in between blurred so much that we could understand that they are one in the same?
The argument deepens…
If the lifespan of a person is determined by the body; surely we will take the paved, well-groomed path which remains at a safe distance to the looming edge of the forest.
And if we were all participating in a grander, infinite circus, there would be little doubt that the scratches, and possibly fatal injuries encountered on the walk through the wild jungle remains to be seen, our only option…