At a Safe Distance

At the heart of the chaos there is stillness…

For those who hear stillness from their backyard, chaos lurks within. One cannot exist without the other. The human story can weave in and out of its own inner psychological fairy tale, but at the end of the day it must acknowledge it. We look to see half of the face fully illuminated while the other side is shrouded in unsettled blackness: the most dramatic of light sources, split down the center.
Off in the horizon, booming ricochets across the valley of the distant origins, the soul will inevitably adjust to align the balancing act.  And in the auditory confusion, new definitions are arbitrary to the story. Yet, at the center is relief. The subtle echolocation inherent in the human sends a signal: the body is far enough away from the source. But is it really? To where does the perimeter of the green zone extend? And can ground zero actually be pinpointed?
—And Just Like That—
The trapeze act misses her cue and soars aimlessly off her rope, as the perfectly rhythmic juggle of Bobo (her secret admirer) defies gravity for a split-second and topples to the ground with a thud loud enough to alarm the elephant, who stumbles into the keystone pole of the circus tent, and the facade comes crashing down immediately proceeded by the deafening roar of people stampeding to safety. Not even our star act, The Tallest Man on Earth, can hold the canvas at bay above our heads. The freak show is merely one panic away from ultimate deflation. 
What about the mirrored smiles from the two-headed woman? Her 10-mile stare gazed upon an unforeseen horizon. As the walls came crumbling down, we witness a momentary glimpse of familiarity. What did she know? What did she know?